Cacao Barry

As a chocolatier, I am privileged to work with Cacao Barry chocolate. A large producer of high-end chocolate from bean to bar, Cacao Barry work alongside farmers to improve working conditions and education among cocoa producing families.

Behind 1 bar of chocolate are countless hours of hard work and understanding to produce a beautiful product which we can enjoy.

Supporting the ‘Cocoa Horizons Foundation’, Cacao Barry is an industry leader in working with farmers to educate them on how to produce a better crop, from knowing when to harvest the beans to how to ferment them perfectly to produce flavours which we then enjoy in the chocolates they produce. In this way, farmers can sell their crop for a better price to a chocolate producer who cares.

It is easy to become so far removed from where our food comes from that we don’t realise that for the luxuries we are enjoying, others are suffering to make ends meet.

So I love the fact that in buying from Cacao Barry I can know that you as my customer are enjoying the finest chocolate the industry has to offer while famers and their families are benefitting.

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