About Studio 28

Studio 28 Patisserie is the beginning of a journey which has been 10 years in the coming. A patisserie and chocolate business owned and run by Naomi Longfield.

My aim is to bring high end chocolate and pastry to Newcastle and while doing so, build a community around what I love.

My journey into chocolate and pastry started 10 years ago. A year into studying maths and education at York University I realised that a job as a maths teacher was not for me!

I began studying patisserie at Gateshead college which lead me into the pastry kitchen of Café 21 where I had the privilege of working for Helen Doyle, executive pastry chef, once a week. From there I worked at Gareth James Chocolatier for 3 years before moving to a more Front of House position at Pink Lane Coffee.

Having been away from the pastry kitchen for over 4 years, I had itchy feet and decided to go on a chocolate sculpture course in Cocoa Black. As it turns out it was 5 Michelin star pastry chefs and me! So, of the 2 choices (fight or flight) I managed to survive the course and landed a job with the Hakkasan Group as a pastry chef under the tutelage or Chef Graham Hornigold and Chef Daniel Pearse. Having promised myself I would never move to London, 2 weeks later I was there to live for what turned out to be the best 4 years of my career.

Working alongside some of the industry’s top pastry chefs I learned everything from how to plate desserts, to development and management. It was a learning curve and a half but one I will forever be grateful for.

Which brings us to now and the beginning of my next adventure, Studio 28 Patisserie. I’ve had the chance to learn about chocolate, coffee and patisserie on my journey over the past 10 years and want to create a place in which I can bring all that together. I love to meet new people and build friendships, to teach and learn and collaborate with others.